Wireless Locating System Transmitter ICP DAS WLS-T01

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WLS-T01 CR Wireless Locating System Transmitter (RoHs)

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Wireless Locating System Transmitter ICP DAS WLS-T01

WLS-T01 is a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter (called Tag) by battery supported, it can broadcast automatically 2.4GHz wireless Locating packages to WLS-R01. WLS-T01's wireless frequency use ISM 2.4GHz global common frequency band total have 16 channels, the range of 16 channels are 2.405GHz to 2.48GHz, it can separated into 5MHz segments, and WLS-T01 supports 16 sectors of RF power setting. The user can use the button to adjust the above settings.
In addition, WLS-T01 supports help button, low battery power indicator, and built in Node ID, 3dBi directional PCB antenna and other user-friendly design can effectively reducing the size for the user to carry it. The user can also send a distress signal in an emergency situation, and let people know his relative position to support him.
The wireless transmission range (line of sight, LOS) of WLS-T01 is 100 meters, and WLS-T01 uses low power consumption design architecture, when the user installs a CR-123A battery (3.0 VDC) and the wireless transmission interval is 3 seconds, operating temperature in +20°C to +60°C, the use of time can be up to 2 years, if battery will low power, the user can change the new battery by himself, so WLS-T01 very suitable for use in item tracking, personnel movements in hazardous areas, factory regional management and other applications.


  • Supports the button help function

  • Supports 16 segments setting of RF channels

  • Supports 16 segments setting of RF power

  • Built in battery low power LED indicator

  • Built in 2.4GHz 3dBi PCB directional antenna

  • ISM 2.4GHz operating frequency

  • Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) RF technology

  • Wireless transmission range up to 100 m (Line of Sight)

  • Low power consumption design(1 pcs CR123A battery, when operating temperature from +20° C~+60° C, it can be used 2 years)

Hardware Specification



OQPSK (Offset Quadrature Phase-shift Keying)

Spread Spectrum

DSSS (Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum)

RF Channels


Transmission Power

16±1dBm (Default) / 17dBm (Max.)

Wireless frequency



2.4GHz-3dBi PCB Directional Antenna

Transmission Range (Line of Sight,LOS)

100 m (Typical)

LED Indicators

Pressing the button

1 LED, Green

Help / Low battery power

1 LED, Red

EMS Protection


±4 kV Contact for Screw

EFT (IEC 61000-4-4)

±4 kV for Power


Required Supply Voltage

+2.6 VDC ~ +3.6 VDC

Battery Input

1 x CR123A (3.0 VDC)

Power Consumption

166uW@3VDC / 1.33mAh@1 Day (3 second Tx Interval)


Dimensions (L x W x H, mm)

70mm x 43mm x 21mm




Operating Temperature

-25 ~ +75°C (No battery included)
-25 ~ +60°C (Battery included)

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ +80°C (No battery included)
-20 ~ +45°C (Battery included)

Relative Humidity

10 ~ 90% RH(Non-condensing, No battery included)
20 ~ 65% RH(Non-condensing, Battery included)






Odering information


Wireless Locating System Transmitter (RoHs)

Important Note: The transmitter of wireless locating system be used together with the receiver and the converter, please refer to WLS-R01 and RFU-400



Wireless Locating System Transmitter (RoHS)


Wireless Locating System Receiver (RoHs)


Wireless Location System Configurator (RoHS)

RFU-400 CR

RS-232 / RS-485 to 429 MHz Radio Modem (RoHS)

Lithium batteries (CR123A)

Voltage 3.0V, Capacity 1700mAh (Disposable non-rechargeable lithium battery)


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