VP-23W7-EN ISaGRAF based ViewPAC with 3.5" LCD and 3 I/O slots

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VP-23W7-EN ISaGRAF based ViewPAC with 3.5" LCD and 3 I/O slots
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VP-23W7-EN ISaGRAF based ViewPAC with 3.5" LCD and 3 I/O slots


ViewPAC combines a PAC (Programmable Automation Controller), color graphic display and keypad in one unit (PAC + HMI). It equips a PXA270 CPU (520 MHz) running a Windows CE .NET 5.0 operating system, variant connectivity (USB, Ethernet, RS-232/485), 3 I/O slots, 3.5”/5.7” TFT LCD and a rubber keypad. Its operating system, Windows CE .NET 5.0, has many advantages including hard real-time capability, small core size, fast boot speed, interrupt handling at a deeper level and deterministic control. Running Windows CE .NET 5.0 in the ViewPAC provides the ability to run ISaGRAF and PC-based control software such as Visual Basic .NET, Visual C#, Visual C++, SCADA software…. etc.


eLogger HMI Application

ICP DAS eLogger is an easy and useful HMI development tool which helps user to create user-friendly pictures and control items.

touch screen controller with I/O


Modbus TCP/IP Master
  • Each WP-8xx7 or VP-25W7/23W7 supports to link to max. 100 Modbus TCP/IP slave devices.
  • Supports various Standard Modbus TCP/IP Slave devices.
touch screen controller with I/O


Rich I/O Expansion Ability
There are several kinds of communication interfaces (Ethernet, RS-232/485, USB ports, CAN bus, FRnet, GSM/GPRS, ZigBee) to expand I/O modules and connect external devices.
  • 3 I/O Slots
  • Audio Ports
  • USB Port
  • COM 3
  • COM 2
  • Ethernet
touch screen controller with I/O


ZigBee Wireless Solution
ISaGRAF PAC plus ZB-2550P and ZB-2551P (ZigBee to RS-232/485 Converters) can add wireless communications, reduce the wiring costs, and accomplish remote I/O control and data acquisition.
  • Wireless Communication
  • Reduce Wiring Costs
  • Add I/O
  • Control
  • Data Acquisition
zigbee wireless solution with touch screen


GPS Applications: ISaGRAF PAC plus I-87211W
VP-25W7/23W7 can support one I-87211W in its slot 0 ~ 2 or as RS-485 remote I/O.
gps application with touch screen


Structure Stress Monitoring Application
ICP DAS releases effective VW sensor solution (Vibration Wire solution). It is useful for measuring the stress of structures like buildings, bridges, and dams..
  • This solution has been successfully applied in some water dam monitoring systems near the city Wuhan in China.
stress monitoring application


Integrate with CAN/CANopen Devices and Sensors
VP-25W7/23W7 supports maximum of ten I-7530 (RS-232 to CAN) Converters.
gps application with touch screen


Send Email with One Attached File
gps application with touch screen


Data Acquisition and Auto-Report System
The VP-2xW7 can use UDP/IP Client protocol to auto-report acquisition data & control data to local or to remote Internet PC/Server.
  • VC++ 6.0, VB 6.0 and ISaGRAF demo programs are available
  • Advantage: Every ViewPAC in the different location doesn't need a fixed Internet IP.
data acquisition


Modbus RTU/TCP Slave Ports
Modbus RTU (RS-232/485/422): max. 5 Modbus RTU Slave ports. Modbus TCP/IP: max. 32 PC/HMI/SCADA connections.
gps application with touch screen


Modbus RTU/ASCII Master Ports
Modbus RTU/ASCII (RS-232/485/422): max. 10 Modbus RTU/ASCII Master ports.
gps application with touch screen


Remote I/O Modules
There are about 100 choices of Local I/O ( I-8K, I-87K ) and Remote I/O modules ( I-7000, M-7000 and RU-87P1/2/4/8 + I-87K High Profile cards ). Auto-Configuration - Configurations of I-87K I/O modules can be pre-configured and stored in the nonvolatile memory of the RU-87Pn. Easy Duplicate System- Using the DCON Utility, you can easily make a backup of the I-87K module configurations and write to another RU-87Pn.
  • Hot Swappable
  • Full Software Support - The free-of-charge software utility and development kits are included.
data acquisition


FRnet I/O
Fast I/O scan: About 3 ms per FRnet scan. (This depends on your ISaGRAF PLC program's scan time, if the ISaGRAF PLC scan time is 8 ms, then the scan time for all will be 8 ms, instead of 3 ms.) The max. I/O channel number can be 3 x 256 = 768 Ch. of Digital Inputs plus 768 Ch. of Digital Outputs (if all 3 slots are plug-in I-8172W).
gps application with touch screen


New Hot-Swap and Redundant System
Plug one I-8135W and enable the 2nd Ethernet port of VP-25W7/23W7. If one Ethernet cable of VP-25W7/23W7 is broken or damaged, the other one will still work. If one controller is damage, the other one will take over the control of the RS-485 I/O. PC/HMI can connect to this redundant system by one or two active IP.
data acquisition


The Web HMI is a free software mechanism coming with some ICP DAS’s PAC (Programmable Automation Controller). The Web HMI offers functions that you could monitor or control the local or remote controller via the Internet Explorer running on your PC.
data acquisition


SMS: Short Message Service
The ISaGRAF PACs can integrate with a GSM Modem to support SMS: Short Message Service. This allows user to request information or perform control tasks for the ISaGRAF PAC via his personal cellular phone. In addition, the controller can also send information and alarms to user's cellular phone.
data acquisition


Motion Control
One I-8091W can control 2-axis: X-Y plane, or 2 independent axes. Two I-8091W can control 4-axis: X-Y plane + 2 independent axes or 4 independent axes. Encoder Modules I-8084W: 4-axis, without Z-index ; I-8090W: 3-axis
data acquisition


Data Logging
Data, date & time can be stored on the Flash Disk or a microSD card. A PC can load the data via FTP or Web HMI.
data acquisition


Communicate with Other TCP/IP Server Devices or UDP Devices
data acquisition

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