Phần mềm quản lý dữ liệu Campbell Scientific VDV

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Phần mềm quản lý dữ liệu Campbell Scientific VDV

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Phần mềm quản lý dữ liệu Campbell Scientific VDV


VDV is all-included data management software for storing and handling data from dataloggers and other field devices. Compatible with Campbell Scientific equipment, VDV software offers the following:

  • Storage of data
  • Visualization by graphs
  • Real-time displays and data tables
  • Multiple alarm triggers
  • Creation of calculated sensors
  • Fast processing
  • Configurable security access levels
  • Data research capability
  • Automatic reports
  • Comprehensive web service for projects of any size

VDV software can be installed locally or hosted on the cloud. For users who prefer to store their data in-house, the local installation may be more suitable. For users who prefer to focus solely on their projects, without the need to maintain software and hardware, having the software hosted on the cloud may be more suitable.

Benefits and Features

  • Robust Software ― 20 years of 24/7 experience monitoring instrumentation data worldwide
  • Stress-free ― Reliable collection, storage, and publishing of data in real time, with quick access to experts if assistance is needed
  • No Coding ― Point-and-click interface with automatic database interactions
  • Alarms ― Email or text message alarms if measured values cross the alarm threshold
  • Maintained ― Updated every year with new and improved features
  • All Instruments ― Offers a single platform for all instrumentation data; supports any type of dataloggers, sensors, and data, including dynamic data
  • Scalable ― Manage one project or connect to and combine dozens of databases from the convenience of a desktop
  • Countless Tools ― A vast selection of tools and features, including dashboards, reports, alarms, data download, virtual variable, data validation, and more

Detailed Description

The VDV solution has been developed by experts in the field of instrumentation who know what is needed to run a successful instrumentation project. VDV includes a wide selection of tools and features, including dashboards, real-time displays, alarms, trend-lines, access controls, displacement graphs, and more. The selection of features and tools is ever-expanding, and clients have access to VDV professionals for dedicated support.

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VDV Local Installation

Run your own state-of-the-art cloud hosting system for any type of instrumentation data. VDV has everything needed to host, present, and analyze instrumentation data from any type of sensor or datalogger. VDV is locally installed on your server, and your dataloggers are configured to send your data directly to your server, where it is stored.

Users use a web browser to access the real-time data on a point-and-click interface, which includes a vast selection of features and tools. The data can be viewed locally in VDV or anywhere in the world by logging into the VDV web-based interface on your web browser. You can further use VDV to receive data from your clients and give them access to their data online.

It is simple to navigate the vast selection of features in the simple point-and-click VDV interface. Data from multiple sites can be imported into VDV and organized effectively. Users can be granted access to specific sites, features, and graphs as appropriate.

After data import has started, it takes only minutes to create a dashboard, which includes all the relevant information live on one page. Dashboards can include an alarm overview, wind roses, diurnal graphs, histograms, numerical indicators, photos, real-time displays, a data update overview, webcams, and text boxes. Other features include reports, data download, data validation, virtual variable, and more. Displacement graphs, SAA, and burst data support are also available. Extensive support options also ensure that the instrumentation project runs smoothly.

VDV Cloud Solution

Focus on your work and let VDV experts maintain your data management system. Get new projects up and running quickly, without the need for any coding, and have a complete overview and control of the data.

VDV is a single platform for any type of instrumentation data. Data is automatically collected or sent to the VDV servers, and users can access their data through a web browser. VDV has everything needed for the online presentation and analysis of instrumentation data from any type of sensor or datalogger on a point-and-click interface, which includes a vast selection of features.

The VDV Cloud Service is run by experts in the field of instrumentation who provide swift support if needed. This cloud solution is suitable for small and large projects where users prefer not to maintain their own data servers. VDV takes care of all software and hardware maintenance so you can focus on the monitoring project. 

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