Modem vệ tinh Argos kết nối Datalogger Campbell Scientific ST-21

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ST-21 Argos Platform Transmitter Terminal

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Modem vệ tinh Argos kết nối Datalogger Campbell Scientific ST-21


Campbell Scientific’s ST-21 is a Service Argos-certified Platform Transmitter Terminal (PTT ) that transfers data from the datalogger site to the Argos Data Collection and Location System via NOAA polar orbiting satellites. This transmitter is well suited for remote meteorological and environmental data collection applications, including mobile and high-latitude installations. The ST-21 is compatible with our newer dataloggers.

Benefits and Features

  • Well-suited for remote meteorological and environmental data-collection applications, including mobile and high-latitude installations

  • Compatible with CR800, CR850, CR1000, and CR3000 dataloggers

  • Provides uplink capability for up to eight unique ID codes, frequencies, and repetition periods

  • Supports up to seven independent Argos data buffers that can be populated in real-time

  • Transmits variable-length Argos messages with either 20- or 28-bit ID codes

  • Allows researchers to forgo a rigorous certification process

  • Includes an autorepeat feature that allows the ST-21 to repeat data without host intervention

  • Provides a fail safe feature that alerts users upon communication link or host failure

  • Allows the ID and repetition rates to be set in real-time or by Campbell Scientific

Detailed Description

While Campbell Scientific's ST-21 Argos PTT is based on Telonics' ST-21, they are not equivalent; our ST-21 includes a case, voltage regulator, and our SDC communication interface.

Please note that when ordering the transmitter, the customer needs to provide Campbell Scientific with the number of buffers, repetition rate, decimal ID, Dex ID, frequency, and fail safe information.

To use the Argos system, you must receive formal permission from Service Argos and pay a fee. The data must be used for environmental purposes. Examples include meteorological/hydrological stations, ship tracking, volcano monitoring, and seismic data.

Platform Transmitting Terminal (PTT) Equipment

  • ST-21 Argos transmitter (includes an SC12 cable)

  • CR800, CR850, CR1000, or CR3000 Datalogger

  • 12022 antenna (includes antenna cable and mounting bracket)

  • Environmental enclosure

  • Power supply consisting of our BP12 12-Ahr or BP24 24-Ahr battery pack, CH100 or CH200 regulator, and SP10 10-W or SP20 20-W solar panel

Retrieving Data from the Ground Receiving Station

Choose one of the following methods:

  • Phone modem with MNP level 4 error correction (most Hayes-compatible modems contain this error-checking protocol; check the operator’s manual for your modem) and user-supplied communication software (e.g., Procomm Plus, Crosstalk).

  • Internet

  • Telnet

  • Email


Operating Temperature Range

-30° to +70°C

Supply Voltage

12 V (nominal)

Output Impedance

50 Ω

High Power Level

800 mW typical (27 to 31 dbm)

Argos Transmission Frequency

401.618 to 401.680 MHz

Modulation (BPSK)

-1.1 to +1.1 ±0.1 radians

Spurious Emissions

-45 dB

Current Drain

  • 1.12 mA (at 12 Vdc, quiescent)

  • 375 mA (a 12 Vdc, transmitting)


19.05 x 3.18 x 5.72 cm (7.5 x 1.25 x 2.25 in.)


224 g (7.9 oz)



ST-21 Argos Satellite Transmitter


ST-21 Argos Satellite Transmitter


ST-21 Settings Form

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