Cảm biến đo nhật xạ kế Pyranometer Campbell Scientific SR20-T2-L

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Cảm biến đo nhật xạ kế Pyranometer Campbell Scientific SR20-T2-L

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Cảm biến đo nhật xạ kế Pyranometer Campbell Scientific SR20-T2-L


The SR20-T2, manufactured by Hukseflux Thermal Sensors, is an ISO 9060 secondary-standard pyranometer that measures solar short-wave radiation in a full hemisphere of the sky. It has a built-in case temperature sensor and embedded heater for removing dew and light rain. It connects directly to a Campbell Scientific datalogger and is designed for applications that require high measurement accuracy in demanding applications such as scientific meteorological observation networks and utility scale solar-energy-power production sites.

Benefits and Features

Low temperature dependence

Embedded 1.5 W heater to reduce effects of dew deposition

Embedded 10K temperature sensor

Ultra robust connector, desiccant holder, and sun screen

Temperature dependence characterized and supplied for each instrument

Directional response tested on each instrument

Detailed Description

The SR20-T2 pyranometer measures the hemispherical solar radiation received by a plane surface, in W/m2, from a 180° field of view. The SR20 can be deployed indoors with lamp-based solar simulators or more commonly outdoors under the sun. Its orientation depends on the application and may be installed horizontally, tilted for plane or array irradiance, positioned on a sun tracker with shadow-ring for diffuse measurements, or inverted for reflected radiation.

The SR20-T2’s low temperature dependence makes it an ideal candidate for use under very cold and very hot conditions. The temperature dependence of each instrument is tested and supplied as a second-degree polynomial. This information can be used for further reduction of temperature dependence during post-processing.

The SR20 is equipped with an internal temperature sensor. Campbell Scientific supplies the T2 version, which has a 10 kohm thermistor. The T1 version, in contrast, has a PT100 and is available upon request. 

The embedded heater reduces measurement errors caused by early-morning dew deposition. Campbell Scientific recommends using the instrument in accordance with the recommended practices of ISO, WMO and ASTM.

The output of the SR20-T2 is analog. The SR20-D2-L model, in contrast, offers two other types of commonly used irradiance outputs: digital via Modbus RTU over 2-wire RS-485, and analog 4 to 20 mA output (current loop).


Measurements Made Hemispherical solar radiation
ISO 9060 Classification Secondary standard pyranometer
WMO Performance Level High-quality pyranometer
Response Time 3 s (95%)
Zero Offset A 5 W/m2 (unventilated), 2.5 W/m2 (ventilated) (response to 200 W/m2 net thermal radiation)
Zero Offset B ≤ -2 W/m2 (response to 5 K/h change in ambient temperature)
Non-Stability ≤ -0.5% change per year
Non-Linearity ≤ -0.2% (100 to 1000 W/m2)
Directional Response < ±10 W/m2
Spectral Selectivity < ±3% (0.35 to 1.5 x 10-6 m)
Temperature Response < ±1% (-10° to +40°C), < 0.4% (-30° to +50°C) with correction in data processing
Tilt Response < ±0.2% (0 to 90° at 1000 W/m2)
Heater 1.5 W (at 12 Vdc)
Steady-state Zero Offset 0 to -8 W/m2 (caused by heating)
Calibration Uncertainty < 1.2% (k=2)
Level Accuracy < 0.1° (bubble entirely in ring)
Sensor Resistance Range 100 to 200 ohm
Operating Temperature Range -40° to +80°C
Field of View (FOV) 180°
Measurement Range 0 to 4000 W/m2
Sensitivity Range 7 to 25 x 10-6 V/(W/m2)
Spectral Range 285 to 3000 x 10-9 m (20% transmission points)



SR20-L Manufacturer Product Brochure 


SR20-L Manufacturer User Manual 

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