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Short Cut Program Generator for Windows (SCWin)

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Phần mềm lập trình cho ứng dụng Campbell Scientific Short Cutt


Current Version: 4.0

Short Cut Program Generator (SCWin) is a free, menu-driven, PC-compatible software package that simplifies the creation of datalogger programs; it creates a datalogger program in five easy steps.

To download Short Cut, refer to the Downloads section or click the Download Now button.

Benefits and Features

  • Creates a datalogger program in five easy steps.

  • Generates a printable wiring diagram.

  • Supports both standard sensors and generic measurements (e.g., bridge, pulse).

  • Supports the AM25T, AM16/32B, AM16/32A, AM16/32, AM416, and AM32 multiplexers.

  • Suports the AVW200 2-Channel Vibrating-Wire Spectrum Analyzer.

  • Supports ET106, ET107, and MetData1 Weather Stations.

  • Includes a reference crop evapotranspiration calculation module and other mathematical calculations.

  • Can be downloaded free of charge; see Downloads section or Download Now button on web page

Detailed Description

Originally intended to support meteorological and hydrological applications, the initial releases of Short Cut (SCWin) supported over 120 sensors. Now, with additional program generation capabilities, Short Cut supports programming for our multiplexers, AVW200-series Vibrating-Wire Interfaces, ET107 stations, ET106 stations, MetData1 stations, and most sensors that can be measured by our dataloggers.

Short Cut allows the user to select sensors and choose output data. Short Cut then creates a wiring diagram and a program file for transfer to the datalogger. It also includes support for algebraic entry of expressions.


Current Version


Operating System

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (Both 32- and 64-bit operating systems are supported.)



Software Overview

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