Module 8 kênh Timer Campbell Scientific SDM-INT8

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SDM-INT8 8-Channel Interval Timer

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Module 8 kênh Timer Campbell Scientific SDM-INT8


The SDM-INT8 outputs timing data to a Campbell Scientific datalogger. The datalogger can process the timing data to calculate RPM, duty cycle, velocity, crank angle, etc.

Benefits and Features

  • Allows individual programming for each of the eight channels

  • Includes an internal microprocessor that allows measurement independent of datalogger's execution interval

  • Outputs period, pulse width, frequency, counts, or time intervals

  • Records results as execution interval averages, continuous averages, specified interval averages, or capture all events

Detailed Description

The SDM-INT8 has eight channels that are individually programmed to record the timing of input voltage transitions (events). It uses this information to output:

  • Period (ms)

  • Frequency (kHz)

  • Elapsed time between events on adjacent channels

  • Number of counts measured on channel 2 between a “start” event on channel 1 and a “stop” event on any other channel

  • Elapsed time between events on channel 1 and any other channel

  • Pulse Counting (any channel can function as a pulse counter)

High Level Voltage Input Pulses Schematic

Low Level AC Voltage Input Schematic

SDM Operation

The datalogger enables individual modules through an addressing scheme; up to 15 SDM-INT8s can be connected to one datalogger. After a module is enabled, it operates independently of the datalogger until additional commands are received or results are transmitted.


Operating Voltage

9.6 to 16 Vdc

Current Drain

  • 13 to 20 mA (active)

  • 400 µA (quiescent)

Maximum Timing Measurement

16.7 s


±1 µs

Operating Temperature

-25° to +50°C


0.3 x 12.7 x 2.5 cm (8 x 5 x 1 in.)


0.82 kg (1.8 lb)

High-Level Voltage Input Pulses

Minimum Pulse Width

2 µs

Maximum Frequency (32-bit values)

  • The maximum frequency specification for high-resolution (32-bit) values assumes all eight channels are used.

  • 5.1 kHz (averaging options)

  • 10 kHz (capturing all events)

Maximum Frequency (16-bit values)

  • The maximum frequency specifications for low-resolution (16-bit) values is for the execution interval averaging only.

  • If number of channels programmed is

    • 1 channel—42.5 kHz

    • 2 channels—17.5 kHz

    • 3 channels—11 kHz

    • 4 channels—8.6 kHz

    • 5 channels—5.2 kHz

    • 6 channels—4.8 kHz

    • 7 channels—4.5 kHz

    • 8 channels—4.28 kHz

Low-Level AC Voltage Input

AC Voltage

  • 20 mV RMS (min.) ac voltage

  • 20000 mV RMS (max.) ac voltage

Input Hysteresis

11 mV

Minimum Frequency

1 Hz

Maximum Frequency

  • 100 kHz (20 mV min. RMS)

  • 400 kHz (50 mV min. RMS)

  • 1000 kHz (150 mV min. RMS)

  • 4000 kHz (2.5 to 20 V min. RMS)





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