Module điều khiển 16 kênh Relay AC/DC Campbell Scientific SDM-CD16AC

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SDM-CD16AC 16-Channel AC/DC Relay Controller

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Module điều khiển 16 kênh Relay AC/DC Campbell Scientific SDM-CD16AC


The SDM-CD16AC allows a Campbell Scientific datalogger to automatically activate external ac or dc devices such as motors, pumps, heaters, valves, and fans.

Benefits and Features

  • Allows the datalogger to automatically turn devices on or off when a threshold (e.g., temperature, water depth) has been reached

  • Enables up to 15 SDM-CD16ACs to be addressed, so that up to 240 ports can be controlled from the first three datalogger control ports

  • Includes LED that indicates when a port is active

  • Provides a manual override for each port

  • UL/CUL approved product

Detailed Description

This AC/DC relay controller has 16 ports for connecting the AC or DC devices. Each port can be controlled automatically by the datalogger’s program or controlled manually with an override toggle switch.

The toggle switch provides three positions: ON and OFF for manual override, and AUTO for datalogger control. In the ON position, the common (COM) and normally open (NO) contacts are closed. In the OFF position, the normally open contact is open. In the AUTO position, the state of the relay is controlled by the SDM command issued through the datalogger’s control ports or SDM terminal.

SDM Operation

The SDM-CD16AC is a synchronously addressed datalogger peripheral. Datalogger control ports 1, 2, and 3 are used to address the SDM-CD16AC, then clock out the desired state of each of the 16 control ports. Up to 15 SDM-CD16ACs may be addressed, making it possible to control a maximum of 240 ports from the first three datalogger control ports.


Operating Temperature

-25° to +50°C



Contact Operation

Single pole double throw (break before make)

Contact Material

Gold-clad silver

Coil Voltage

9 to 18 Vdc

Coil Resistance

360 Ω ±10%

Expected Life (contact closures)

Mechanical 107

Actuation/Release Time

~4 ms

Toggle Switch

  • ON/OFF manual override

  • AUTO for datalogger control

Operating Voltage

12 Vdc nominal (9 to 18 Vdc)


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed product (E162021)


24.6 x 5.1 x 8.6 cm (9.7. x 2.0 x 3.4 in.)


0.8 kg (1.8 lb)

Individual Contact Ratings

For DC Devices

  • 5 A (@ 30 Vdc)

  • 0.3 A (@ 110 Vdc)

For AC Devices

  • 5 A (1/10 hp) @ 125 Vac

  • 5 A (1/6 HP) @ 277 Vac

Current Drain @ 12 Vdc


6 mA

Per Active LED

45 mA (switch on or auto active)



SDM-CD16AC 16-channel AC/DC Controller


SDM-CD16AC 16-Channel ac/dc Relay Controller

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