Phần mềm thời gian thực Nexcom RTX 2012

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Transform Microsoft Windows Into a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)

Provides a Real-Time Subsystem (RTSS) that runs on Windows

Provides precise control of IRQs, I/O, and memory

Dedicated Cores for Performance and Partitioning

RTX implements deterministic scheduling of real-time threads

RTX-based applications survive Windows crashes

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Phần mềm thời gian thực RTX 2012

Tổng quan 

The RTX hard real-time software transforms Microsoft Windows into real-time operating system and delivers real-time symmetric multiprocessing on x86 multicore processors.

Soft-control architecture is an integrated real-time development platform composed of Microsoft Windows Embedded, multiprocessor x86 architectures, and IntervalZero's RTX. It provides real-time extension to Windows and enables SMP. OEMs can use it to design complex Human-Machine Interfaces which require the precise coordination of multiple tasks and the deterministic hard real-time performance capabilities.

Đặc tính kỹ thuật

Application Determinism

Guaranteed precision – set timer periods down to 1 microsecond; IST latencies of less the 10 microseconds.Separation from Windows – Windows processes cannot interfere with your real-time applications.Scalability – one scheduler is used across all real-time processors. SMP-aware scheduler utilizes both priority-driven and pre-emptive algorithms to ensure critical thread context switches. Yields to threads of high priority occur in the sub-microsecond range.

Control of Real-Time Applications and Environment

Flexibility – configure how much or how little of your processing capability is used for real-time processes (1 to 31 processors).Full control of our real-time processes – load balancing as needed. RTX provides the ability to set thread and interrupt affinities.Peace of mind if Windows issues a STOP message or shutdown – real-time applications have the ability to continue running to a safe shutdown.

Target Industry

CNC and Industrial Automation ManufacturersMotion Control VendorsMedical SystemsDigital Audio and Video EditingTest and Measurement

Mã đặt hàng 

IntervalZero BUNDLE-RX2012-Solo-TCP (P/N: 6014401473X00)
IntervalZero BUNDLE-RX2012-Entry-TCP (P/N: 6014401587X00)
IntervalZero BUNDLE-RX2012-Basic-TCP (P/N: 6014401588X00)
IntervalZero BUNDLE-RX2012-Professional-TCP (P/N: 6014401589X00)
IntervalZero BUNDLE-RX2012-Premium-TCP (P/N: 6014401590X00)
IntervalZero BUNDLE-RX2012-Ultimate-TCP (P/N: 6014401591X00)
IntervalZero BUNDLE-RTX2012-Ultimate-TCP-SDK- MT (P/N: 6014401592X00)

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