Trạm trung tâm UHF/VHF RF Campbell Scientific RF500B

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Trạm trung tâm UHF/VHF RF Campbell Scientific RF500B

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Trạm trung tâm UHF/VHF RF Campbell Scientific RF500B


The RF500B contains equipment used in an RF base station for networks with UHF/VHF radios. It resides at the computer site and serves as a link between field stations and repeater stations. 

Benefits and Features

  • Includes the RF500M RF modem and PS150 power supply mounted to a metal plate
  • Supports multiple radio configurations
  • Uses software (i.e., DevConfig) instead of hardware modifications to upgrade the operating system (OS) and change RF ID or other settings
  • Provides an RS-232 port (DTE) for modem configuration or attachment of an RS-232 radio
  • Avoids all collisions within a network, thus increasing polling speeds and reducing overall current drain

Detailed Description

The above photo shows the equipment included with the RF500B. Specifically, the RF500B provides the PS150 power supply (top), RF500M modem (center), 18657 DB9-female null-modem cable (beige cable), 14291 field power cable (black cable), and a 10-in. x 12-in. metal plate.

A radio, antenna, antenna cable, and wall charger need to be ordered separately (see Ordering). The RF500B works with the RF320-series radios, RF310-series radios, RF300-series radios, or any radio and modem combination that outputs a demodulated byte stream via RS-232. Software support is provided by LoggerNet.


-NOTE- The RF500B is a kit containing components that have their own specifications. 
To review these specifications, refer to the appropriate products below:



RF500B RF Base Station

Narrowband RF Networks


RF500M Radio Modem

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