Cảm biến xác định mật độ mưa trạm thời tiết Campbell Scientific PWS100

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PWS100 Present Weather Sensor

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Cảm biến xác định mật độ mưa trạm thời tiết Campbell Scientific PWS100


The PWS100 is a laser-based sensor that measures precipitation and visibility by accurately determining the size and velocity of water droplets in the air. It can be used in weather stations in road and airport applications. The PWS100 uses advanced measurement techniques and algorithms to calculate individual precipitation particle type.

To enhance the PWS100 algorithms, Campbell Scientific recommends adding a CS215-PWS Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe (listed in the Ordering information under Common Accessories), which will cause the data from the CS215-PWS to be fed directly into the PWS100 precipitation type and visibility algorithms.

Note: Campbell Scientific does not recommend using the PWS100 for marine applications.

Benefits and Features

  • Identifies many precipitation types, including drizzle, rain, snow, hail, and graupel

  • Compatible with most of our contemporary dataloggers

  • Designed for continuous, long term, unattended operation in adverse conditions

Detailed Description

Due to the PWS100's advanced measurement technique and fuzzy logic algorithms,it can determine individual precipitation particle type from accurate size and velocity measurements and the structure of the received signal. Auxiliary measurements of temperature and relative humidity (RH) provide improved particle classification.

The PWS100 consists of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) housing unit connected to a sensor arm that contains one laser head and two sensor heads. Each sensor head is 20° off axis to the laser unit axis—one in the horizontal plane and the other in the vertical plane. The PWS100 ships with a mounting bracket that attaches the DSP housing to a mast or pole.


Measuring Area

40 cm2 per light sheet

IP Rating

IP 66 (NEMA 4X)

Housing Material

Iridite NCP conversion coated aluminium (RoHS compliant) and hard anodized aluminum


RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485

Baud Rate

Selectable from 300 bps to 115.2 kbps

Control Unit

Custom DSP Board

EMC Compliance

Tested and conforms to BS EN61326:1998


115 x 70 x 40 cm (45.28 x 27.56 x 15.75 in.)


8 kg (17.6 lb)

Power Requirements

DSP Power

9 to 24 Vdc (or 9 to 16 Vdc with CS215-PWS Temperature and RH sensor)

Current Consumption

200 mA to 1 A

Hood Heater

24 Vac or dc, 7 A


Laser Source

Near-infrared diode, eye safe Class 1M unit output

Peak Wavelength

830 nm

Modulation Frequency

96 kHz


Photodiode with band pass filters

Spectral Response

Maximum spectral sensitivity at 850 nm, 0.62 A/W (0.6 A/W at 830 nm)

Lens Check Light Source

Near-infrared LED


Particle Size

0.1 to 30 mm

Size Accuracy

±5% (for particles greater than 0.3 mm)

Particle Velocity

0.16 to 30 m/s

Velocity Accuracy

±5% (for particles > 0.3 mm)

Types of Precipitation Detected

Drizzle, rain, snow grains, snowflakes, hail, ice pellets, graupel, mixed (combination of types above)

Rain Rate Intensity Range

0 to 400 mm/h

Rainfall Resolution

0.0001 mm

Rain Total Accuracy

Typically ±10% 
Accuracy figures are for laboratory conditions with reference particles and standards; accuracy will be degraded for windy conditions, frozen precipitation, and very high rainfall rates.

Visibility Range

0 to 20,000 m

Visibility Accuracy

±10% to 10,000 m

Visibility Measurement Interval

User-selectable from 10 s to 2 h

External Sensors

SDI-12 compatible sensors supported (such as the CS215-PWS Temperature and RH Probe)



PWS100 Present Weather Sensor


PWS100 Present Weather Sensor

PWC100 Present Weather Sensor Calibrator

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