Hộp bảo vệ datalogger kích thước 14x16 inch Campbell Scientific PWENC14/16

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PWENC14/16 Prewired Enclosure, 14 x 16 inches

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Hộp bảo vệ datalogger kích thước 14x16 inch Campbell Scientific PWENC14/16


The PWENC14/16 is a prewired, weather-resistant enclosure that is 14 in. wide and 16 in. tall. It starts with the same enclosure used for our ENC14/16, but then is factory configured with up to ten connectors that are attached to the datalogger or peripherals within the enclosure. Sensors with the appropriate connector are simply attached to connectors on the outside of the enclosure. Campbell Scientific even creates a custom datalogger program.

Benefits and Features

  • Weather resistant to protect instruments

  • Backplate designed so that Campbell Scientific components mount easily and securely

  • Combines flexibility with ease of use

  • Eliminates the task of wiring sensor leads into the datalogger’s terminal strips

  • Reduces wiring errors by inexperienced field technicians who are unfamiliar with the equipment

  • Shortens deployment time

  • Allows each enclosure in a large network to be similar to the other enclosures

  • White, UV-stabilized enclosure reflects solar radiation—reducing temperature gradients inside the enclosure without requiring a separate radiation shield

  • Customized options may be purchased

Detailed Description

The PWENC14/16 can house one datalogger, power supply, and one or more peripheral (depending on the peripheral’s footprint). You order the sensors, datalogger, power supply, and communication peripherals separately. Compatible sensors, peripheral cables, and solar panels have a –PW extension. 

The PWENC14/16 is shipped with the 7363 enclosure supply kit that consists of desiccant, a humidity indicator card, cable ties, wire tie tabs, putty, grommets, screws, and PVC coupling. Connectors, communication ports, and the enclosure mounting bracket are chosen as options. (See Ordering Info on the web page.)

The PWENC14/16 can be mounted to any of our tripods or towers, or to a user-supplied pipe.

Note: Refer to the Ordering Info on the web page for standard configurations. Nonstandard configurations must be special ordered. It is considered a nonstandard configuration when using a different type, size, or location for any connector, communication port, conduit, cable entry seal, or antenna bulkhead (contact Campbell Scientific for more information).



White (Reflects solar radiation, reducing temperature gradients inside the enclosure without requiring a separate radiation shield.)


Fiberglass-reinforced polyester enclosure with door gasket, external grounding lug, stainless-steel hinge, and lockable hasps

Enclosure Classification

NEMA 4X (before being modified)


  • 40.6 x 35.6 x 14 cm (16 x 14 x 5.5 in.) internal

  • 38.6 x 33.7 x 17.6 cm (15.2 x 13.3 x 6.9 in.) internal under the lid space

  • 44.3 x 39.2 x 19.6 cm (17.8 x 15.4 x 7.7 in.) external



PWENC-Series Prewired Weather-Resistant Enclosures


ENC10/12, ENC12/14, ENC14/16, ENC16/18 Enclosures

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