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PC400 Datalogger Support Software

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Phần mềm kết nối và lập trình Datalogger Campbell Scientific PC400


Current Version: 4.4.2

PC400 is Campbell Scientific's mid-level datalogger support software. This versatile software supports a variety of telecommunication options, manual data collection, and data display. PC400 includes an easy-to-use program generator (Short Cut) as well as full-featured program editors (CRBasic, Edlog).

PC400 does not support combined communication options (e.g., phone-to-RF), PakBus routing, or scheduled data collection; LoggerNet software is recommended for applications that require those capabilities.

Benefits and Features

  • EZSetup Wizard for easier station setup

  • Support for our CR200-series, CR510, CR800/850, CR10, CR10X, CR1000, CR6, CR300, 21X, CR23X, CR7, CR3000, CR5000, CR9000, and CR9000X dataloggers with mixed-array, table-data, or PakBus datalogger operating systems

  • ShortCut, Edlog, and CRBasic programming tools used to create/edit datalogger programs that measure sensors and control SDM devices, multiplexers, and relays

  • Data retrieval via direct connect, phone modems, Ethernet, radios (UHF, VHF or spread spectrum), or multidrop modems

  • Real-time or historic data displays

  • Time-series graphs for unlimited elements from a data file

  • Troubleshooting tools (terminal emulator and communications log)

  • Device Configuration Utility for setting up Campbell Scientific hardware

Detailed Description

EZSetup Wizard

To facilitate station setup, PC400 provides the EZSetup Wizard. This simple, station-oriented wizard walks the user through the setup process. The wizard can also be used to modify settings for an existing site.

Clock/Program, Monitor Data, Collect Data

These tools allow customers to set/edit the station’s settings, set the datalogger’s clock, view real-time data, set flags/ports, and collect data on demand. Communication links supported include direct connect, phone modems, Ethernet, narrow-band UHF and VHF radios, spread spectrum radios, or multidrop modems.


PC400 offers two full-featured programming tools—the CRBasic Editor and Edlog. The CRBasic Editor (similar in syntax to the BASIC programming language) supports our newer dataloggers. Edlog supports our retired dataloggers and the CR7.

For those who prefer a simpler means of programming their dataloggers, PC400 includes Short Cut for Windows (SCWin). SCWin can generate a program for any of our dataloggers and supports all of our popular sensors, as well as user-created custom sensor files (using an existing sensor file as the starting point). Short Cut can also be used for the ET107, ET106, and MetData1 Weather Stations.

View Pro

View Pro allows data from a data file to be viewed in a numeric format, or in one of several graphical formats, including a line graph, X/Y plot, histogram, rainflow histogram, or FFT. Multiple data files can be opened at once, allowing side-by-side comparison of the data. The graphs can be saved in a variety of formats. The left and right y-axes of the graphs can be configured independently.

Device Configuration Utility

DevConfig allows you to send new operating systems to dataloggers and other devices with flash memory, configure various PakBus settings in dataloggers, and edit settings for communication peripherals such as the NL240 and RF401A.

Card Convert

CardConvert is used to convert and save binary data from a PC Card, CompactFlash card, or microSD card. PC Cards are compatible with our CR5000 and CR9000X dataloggers. CompactFlash cards are compatible with our CR1000, CR3000, CR5000, and CR9000X dataloggers. MicroSD cards are compatible with our CR6 datalogger.


Split is used to post-process data files and create reports. It sorts and combines data based on time or conditions, performs calculations on data values, converts “Day of Year” calendar dates into more traditional date/time stamps and allows variable column widths for printable reports.


Current Version


Operating System

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP


TCP/IP services must be running on the computer.



PC400 Datalogger Support Software


PC400 Datalogger Support Software

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