EtherNet/IP Network Adapter CREVIS NA-9288

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EtherNet/IP Network Adapter CREVIS NA-9288

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EtherNet/IP Network Adapter CREVIS NA-9288, 252 bytes input and 252 bytes output


Interface Specification, NA-9288

Adapter Type

Slave node

Max. Expansion Module

63 slots

Max. Input Size

252 bytes

Max. Output Size

252 bytes

Interface Connector

RJ-45 socket * 2pcs

Max. Length Bus Line

Up to 199m from Ethernet Hub/Switch

Max. Nodes

Limited by Ethernet Specification

Baud Rate

10/100Mbps, Auto-negotiation, Full duplex



IP-Address Setup

Via BOOTP/DHCP, Dip Switch(Manual Function)

IP-Address range ~ 253 (User area) ~ 255 (Reserved for IAP Function)

Other Serial Port

RS232 for MODBUS/RTU(Touch Pannel, IOGuide ...)

Serial Configuration (RS232)

Node : 1 (Fixed)
Baud Rate : 115200 (Fixed)
Data bit : 8 (Fixed)
Parity bit : No parity (Fixed)
Stop bit : 1 (Fixed)


6 LEDs
1 Green/Red, Module Status (MOD)
1 Green/Red, Network Status (NET)
1 Green, Ethernet Link/ Status (LINK)
1 Green/Red, Expansion I/O Module Statsus (IOS)
1 Green, Field Power Status
2 LEDs (each RJ45 Connector)
1 Green, Link
1 Yellow, Active

Module Location

Left side of S-Series system

Field Power Detection

About 11Vdc

General Specification

System Power

Supply Voltage : 24Vdc nominal
Voltage Range : 11~28.8Vdc
Protection : Output Current Limit (Min 1.5A)
Reverse Polarity Protection

Power Dissipation

120mA typical @ 24Vdc

Current for I/O Module

1.5A @5Vdc


System power to internal logic : Non-isolation
System power I/O driver : Isolation

Field Power

Supply voltage : 24Vdc nominal
Voltage range : 11~28.8Vdc

Max. Current Field Power Contact

DC 10A Max



Module Size

54mm x 99mm x 70mm



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