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CR9055E 50 V Analog Input Module with CR9055EC

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Module 28 kênh đầu vào tương tự Campbell Scientific CR9055E


The CR9055E is one of the modules used with our CR9000 and CR9000X dataloggers. It is similar to the CR9055, including 14 differential (28 single-ended) inputs, with the addition of a CR9055EC easy connector module.

Benefits and Features

  • Can be added to or removed from CR9000X to support changing measurement needs

  • CR9055EC disconnects sensors easily so CR9000X can be moved from location to location

  • Measures voltages up to ±50 volts

Detailed Description

The CR9055E is an I/O module for the CR9000X-series and CR9000-series dataloggers. It contains 14 differential (28 single-ended) input channels for measuring voltages up to ±50 V. The resolution on the most sensitive range is 16 microvolts.

The CR9055E includes one CR9055EC easy connector module. Easy connector modules allow sensor wiring to remain connected while the input module’s measurement electronics and the rest of the datalogger system are used elsewhere. Additional CR9055ECs are purchased as a separate line item.



Additional specifications are listed in the CR9000X(C) Specifications Sheet.

Analog Channels

28 single-ended, 14 differential

Analog Voltage Range

±50000 mV

Analog Voltage Accuracy

±(0.1% of reading + 4 A/D counts), -25° to +50°C

Measurement Resolution

to 16 μV

Current Drain

15 mA active

Operating Temperature Range

  • -25° to +50°C (standard)

  • -40° to +70°C (extended)


23.3 x 12.4 x 2.5 cm (9.2 x 4.9 x 1 in.)


0.9 kg (2 lb)



CR9000X(C) Specifications

CR9000X and CR9000XC Measurement and Control System


CR9000X Measurement and Control System

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