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LOGGERNET Datalogger Support Software

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Phần mềm kết nối và lập trình Datalogger Campbell Scientific LOGGERNET


Current Version: 4.4.2

LoggerNet is our main datalogger support software package. It supports programming, communication, and data retrieval between dataloggers and a PC.

LoggerNet consists of a server application and several client applications integrated into a single product. It can support connection to a single datalogger, but it is especially adept in applications that require telecommunications or scheduled data retrieval used in large datalogger networks.

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Version 4 is our most recent major upgrade to LoggerNet that features a new tool for designing and configuring PakBus® networks, a more powerful file viewer, an upgrade to RTMC, a redesigned toolbar, and many updates to existing clients. Learn more about the upgrade in the brochure and manual linked in the Related Documents section on this page.

Version 4.4 adds support for the CR300-series dataloggers.

A copy of the current software license agreement (end-user license agreement) for LoggerNet is available in the LoggerNet Instruction Manual.

Benefits and Features

  • Creates custom datalogger programs using Edlog or CRBasic

  • Displays or graphs real-time or historic data

  • Builds custom display screens to view data or control flags/ports

  • Retrieves data using any of our telecommunication options

  • Processes data files using Split

  • Saves data in formats (including CSV and XML) that can be imported into third-party analysis packages

Detailed Description

The standard LoggerNet software package is recommended for those who have datalogger networks that do not require the more advanced features offered in LoggerNet Admin. It includes the LoggerNet server and client applications. The LoggerNet server stores the data in a cache and writes data to a variety of formats, including ASCII, binary, and XML.

The LoggerNet server and client applications enable you to do the following:

  • Configure the server to communicate with multiple dataloggers via a variety of communications hardware

  • Create custom datalogger programs using Short Cut, Edlog, or the CRBasic Editor

  • Connect to a datalogger to check or set the clock, send programs, or perform other administrative functions

  • Collect data on demand or schedule

  • Monitor and troubleshoot the network

  • Display real-time data in a numeric display or graph

  • View and graph data files

  • Create graphical data displays that update when data is collected and allow you to control flags, ports, and variables

  • Create automated tasks

  • Process data files using Split

  • Save data in formats (including CSV and XML) that can be imported into third-party analysis packages.

The client applications included in the standard LoggerNet software package are the following:

  • Setup

  • Connect

  • Status Monitor

  • Task Master

  • Short Cut

  • CRBasic Editor

  • Edlog

  • Transformer

  • RTMC Development

  • RTMC Run-Time

  • View Pro

  • Split

  • CardConvert

  • Troubleshooter

  • Network Planner

  • PakBus Graph

  • LogTool

  • Device Configuration Utility

  • CoraScript

  • RWIS Administrator 

Version History

  • LoggerNet 4.x series replaced LoggerNet 3.x series on August 28, 2009.

  • LoggerNet 3.x series replaced LoggerNet 2.x series on 24 November, 2004.

  • LoggerNet 2.x series replaced PC208W on January 1, 2003.


Current Version


Operating System

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP (Both 32- and 64-bit operating systems are supported.)

Military Certificate of Networthiness (CoN)


Expires 1/13/2017.


  • LoggerNet 4.0 is certified as Cert #201004872.

  • LoggerNet 4.x is certified as an upgrade to 4.0 and has ASC CoN ID 12274.



LoggerNet 4.x Datalogger Support Software


LoggerNet Datalogger Support Software

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