Industrial Gateway Builder IoT Studio V1.2

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Industrial Gateway Builder

Processing data analytically by redefined the categories and offered customized nodes

Manage cyber physical system efficiently by NEXCOM hardware information nodes

Connect to cloud securely with verified MQTT and AMQP nodes

Support SQLite for databased application and https for web service

Support Fieldbus (PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Ethernet/IP) configuration, Modbus/RTU and Modbus/TCP master

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Industrial Gateway Builder IoT Studio V1.2

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NEXCOM Industrial IoT Studio, powered by Node.js and IBM Node-RED, is a web-based configuration tool to spur developers to swiftly build up IoT applications with simple clicks, drags, and drops of the integral functions for the ideas of innovation can come true sooner and the inventions can spread wider.

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Description: Get the registers and status with the Modbus protocolNode:
- Modbus-TCP read/wirte
- Modbus-RTU read/write


Description: Get the registers and status from the controller/devices with Fieldbus interfaceNode:
- PROFIBUS write
- PROFINET write
- EtherNet/IP read
- EtherNet/IP write

Data process

Description: Process or encrypt/decrypt data from bufferingNode:
- Merge
- Boundary
- Critical section
- H/W Info
- Cypher


Description: Communicate with the OPC UA serverNode:
- OPC UA Item
- OPC UA Client
- OPC UA Broswer


Description: Prompt for user input from network or serial portNode: Inject, catch, status, MQTT, http, websocket, TCP, UDP, serial


Node: Function, template, delay, trigger, comment http request, TCP request, switch, change range, csv, html, json, xml, rbe


Description: Access 'multipart/form-data' content by emailNode:
- Email in
- Email out


Description: Read/write the file or databaseNode:
- File in, file out
- SQLite


Description: Provides Azure serviceNode:
- eventhub
- IoT hub

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