Bộ chuyển đổi CANopen sang DCON ICP DAS I-7231D

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CANopen / DCON Gateway. Supports operating temperatures between -25 to 75°C.

Gọi 0904251826 để được trợ giúp

Bộ chuyển đổi CANopen sang DCON ICP DAS I-7231D


DCON protocol is a kind of application protocol based on the RS-485 network. It is special for ICPDAS DCON I/O modules, such as I-7000 series and I-87K series modules. By way of using I-7231D to convert the electric signals and messages, the DCON I/O modules can be upgraded to the CANopen protocol based on the CAN bus. For CANopen protocol application, the I-7231D is a CANopen slave device. So, it can produce or consume the PDO messages, receive the SDO message with proper responses, and deal with the NMT messages from NMT master. For DCON protocol application, it is a DCON master device, and it will collect all of the I/O situations of the I-7000 and I-87K series modules connected with the RS-485 port of I-7231D. Therefore, If the I-7231D receive the command form CAN bus, it does the corresponding reactions for DCON I/O channels. In addition, we also provide the utility tool for users to configure the device parameters and build EDS file for the CANopen slave device. Therefore, users can easily apply I-7k and I-87K IO modules in any CANopen master interface with EDS file via the I-7231D

  • NMT: Slave

  • Error Control: Heart beat or Node Guarding selectable

  • Node ID: Hardware rotary switch

  • No. of PDOs: 16 Rx, 16Tx

  • PDO Modes: Event-triggered, remotely requested, cyclic and acyclic SYNC

  • PDO Mapping: variable

  • No of SDOs: 1 server, 0 client

  • Emergency Message: Yes

  • CANopen Version: DS-301 v4.01

  • Device Profile: DSP-401 v2.0

  • Produce EDS file dynamically

  • Baud Rate setting by rotary switch: 10K, 20K, 50K, 125K, 250K, 500K, 800K and 1M bps

  • CAN, ERR and Tx/Rx LED indicators

  • Support max 15 I-7000/I-87K I/O series modules

  • Provide friendly Utility to configure

  • 7-segmemt LED to show operation mode, Node ID, CAN baud and RS-485 baud


  • Industrial Machinery

  • Building Automation

  • Maritime

  • Restaurant Appliances

  • Distributed data acquisition





80188, 40MHz  


512K bytes


512K bytes    


2K bytes (Can upto 128K bytes or change to 2K/8K FRAM)


31 bytes

 Real Time Clock

16 bit

 Watch Dog Timer

CPU Built-in




RS485: D2+, D2-

 Communication Speed

115200 max

 CAN Controller

Phillip SJA1000T CAN Controller

 CAN Transceiver

Phillip 82C250/251CAN Transceiver

 LED Directors



7-segment LED: 5digit


2500Vrms on CAN side

 Power Supply

3.9W unregulated +10VDC to +30Vdc

 Operating Temp

-25°C to 75°C

 Storage Temp

-30°C to 85°C


5 ~ 95%


72mm x 122mm x 33 (W x L x H0

 I-7231D Utility

  • Supports CANopen node ID, baud rate, and COM port parameters setting

  • Auto-scan I-7k/I-87K modules connected with I-7231D COM Port

  • Show I-7k/I-87K modules configuration

  • Show Rx and Tx PDO objects configuration

  • Support EDS file creation

  • Din Rail Mount

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