Thiết bị cầm tay Field PC Geokon FPC-2

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Field PC | Model FPC-2

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Thiết bị cầm tay Field PC Geokon FPC-2

The Model FPC-2 Field PC is a rugged, handheld, easy-to-use instrument for reading Digital Inclinometer Probes and Tiltmeters (in the GK-604D) and VW Sensors (in the GK-405). It’s a standalone device for reading the Model 3810A Addressable Thermistor Strings and the Model 6101D Portable Digital MEMS Tiltmeter. It can also be used to take compass bearings (with Inclinometer Probes) and to program and retrieve data from the Model 8002 (LC-2) Series Dataloggers using LogView Mobile software—a particularly useful option in harsh environments that are too extreme for a typical laptop PC.


Processor Texas Instruments 4470 dual-core @ 1.5 GHz

Operating System Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5.3

Memory/Disk 1 GB RAM/4 GB iNAND Flash

Battery Li-ion, 3.7 V 5200 mAh (19.2 Wh) (Warm-swappable) with smart gauge

Operating Temperature −30°C to 60°C, MIL-STD-810G, 501.5/502.5 Procedure II and III

L × W × H 191 × 80 × 35 mm

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