CANOpen Master/Slave FBI90E-COM

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CANOpen Master/Slave, Universal FBI module kit

Support CANOpen Master Interface

Mini PCIe Form Factor

Fully Compatible with CANOpen I/O Modules and Devices

Driver Support for Windows, WinCE, RTX, QNX, VxWorks, Linux

1 x DB9

User Friendly Configuration Utility

Gọi 0904251826 để được trợ giúp

CANOpen Master/Slave FBI90E-COM

Tổng quan 

The FBI90E-COM is the Fieldbus module supports industrial CANOpen protocol for industrial uses. This card equips with the required CANOpen firmware to make this card as the master or slave interface for CANOpen protocol. The CANOpen is one of the major communication protocols for industrial automation. In factory automation application system, FBI90E-COM allows the users to create a steady CANOpen I/O communication between devices via PC-based computer.

Đặc tính kỹ thuật 

Form Factor

mini-PCIe card with separated connector board

I/O Devices Max.


Cyclic Data Max.

7168 Bytes for Master1024 Bytes for Slave

SDO Up- und Download

max 200Bytes/Request for Master only

PDO Communication

max. 512 Rx/TxPDO for mastermax. 64 Rx/TxPDO for slave


11 Bits for Master and Slave

Support Functions

Node-/Life GuardHeartbeatPDO MappingNMT MagagementSYNC, Emergency

Mã đặt hàng 

FBI90E-COM (P/N:10J50090E14X0)
Mini-PCIe CANOpen master card Cable Length: 25cm

FBI 90E-COM Universal Kit (P/N:10J50090E15X0)
Mini-PCIe CANOpen master module kit w/universal bracket Cable length:25cm









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