Switch 4 cổng PoE + 1 cổng Uplink Ethernet 3Onedata ES1005D-4POE-65W

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ES1005D-4POE-65W: 5-port 10/100M Ethernet(4-port PoE), Power Budget:65W

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Switch 4 cổng PoE + 1 cổng Uplink Ethernet 3Onedata ES1005D-4POE-65W

ES1005D-4POE-65W are 10/100M unmanaged PoE Switches. The PoE switches are specifically designed to meet IEEE 802.3af standards for powering network devices, supports 4 POE port and 1 uplink port. Uplink ports can be connected other specifications switches, routers, ordinary PC and terminal can also be connected with the NVR security equipment, this design with the characteristics of security industry network construction, port utilization rate is extremely high. This product supports the 802.3af/at IEEE Ethernet power supply standard, provide the 48V national standard power supply, remote power feeding up to 100m, only for the 802.3af/at standard terminal equipment power supply. It can seamlessly connect IP network monitoring camera, network HD camera security monitoring equipment, etc. Compared with ordinary PoE products, ES1005D-4POE-65W products with high power, PoE power supply and lightning protection, it is an ideal choice for the security of network equipment.


1.Separate uplink ports designed to meet the security industry networking features.

2.Supports IEEE802.3af standard, full-port full 15.4W power supply;

3.Supports IEEE802.3at standard, single-port maximum 30W power supply;

4.Metal shell, no fan, both sides of the cabinet have thermal design;

5.Supports port auto-flip (AutoMDI / MDIX), network transport 100 meters without interruption;

6.Only IEEE 802.3af / at-compliant end device powered private standard PoE or PoE device access is not recognized, it will not be damaged;

7.High-quality components, high specification resistance design, equipment grounding screw,reducing the risk of lightning strikes.

8.External power supply, the total power 60W;

9.Per-port power LED indicator design, visual observation whether the access terminal, power supply is normal;

10.All port 10 / 100M adaptive, wire-speed store and forward;



Protocols Standards :

IEEE 802.3,10BASE-T      

IEEE 802.3u,100 BASE-TX      

IEEE 802.3af,Power Over Ethernet 

IEEE 802.3at,Power Over Ethernet Plus 

IEEE 802.3az,EEE(Energy Efficient Ethernet)

IEEE 802.3x, traffic control under Full-Duplex mode

PoE Standards:IEEE 802.3af/at


Fixed port : 5*10/100 Base-T ports (4*POE)

Exchange Properties

POE Pin-out : 1/2(+),3/6(-)

Switching Capacity : ≥1Gbps 

Forwarding mode : Full speed storage and forwarding

Packet Forwarding Capacity : 

    10M : 14880pps/port 

    100M : 148809pps/port          

Cable line sequence :Support Auto-MDIX function, automatic identification straight-through cable and the crossover cable

Negotiation Pattern:Support port auto-negotiation function (automatically negotiate transmission rate and Duplex modes)

Power requirements

Input Power Supply : 48V/1.25A (60W),External DC power supply 

LED Indicator

Interface light : Link/Act,POE Status

Power light : PWR

Mechanical Properties

Weight : 0.80Kg

Dimensions(L×W×H) : 118mm*84mm*28mm

Working Environment

Working Temperature : -20~50°C

Storage Temperature : -40~70°C

Operation Humidity : 10%~95%(non-condensing)



ES1005D-4POE-65W Datasheet

ES1005D-4POE-65W UserManual

Ordering Information

5-port 10/100M Ethernet(4-port PoE), Power Budget:65W

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