Cảm biến đo nhật xạ kế Pyranometer Campbell Scientific CS320

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Cảm biến đo nhật xạ kế Pyranometer Campbell Scientific cs320

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Cảm biến đo nhật xạ kế Pyranometer Campbell Scientific CS320


The CS320 is a digital thermopile pyranometer that measures broad-spectrum short-wave radiation and communicates over the simple SDI-12 protocol to the datalogger. This sensor design eliminates measurement error and programming errors that can adversely affect data quality.

This pyranometer has been designed to improve the global solar radiation measurement significantly (even under cloudy conditions) without adding substantial cost. The CS320 is suitable for applications ranging from environmental research to agriculture to large mesoscale weather networks (mesonets).

The CS320 sensor is heated (on/off switchable under user control) and allows continuous operation in changing environmental conditions. The pyranometer's calibration data is stored on the sensor.

Benefits and Features

Thermopile sensor eliminates spectral errors associated with silicon-cell pyranometers

Much lower price point than other thermopile sensors

On-board sensor automatically detects if the CS320 is level for installation, diagnostics, and remote troubleshooting

Designed for long-term stability and deployment

Dome-shape sensor head allows dew and rain runoff

Internal heater to reduce errors from dew, frost, rain, and snow

SDI-12 digital output

Detachable waterproof connector from sensor head for fast, easy servicing

Calibration data stored on sensor

Detailed Description

The CS320 combines a blackbody thermopile detector with an acrylic diffuser. This design is a significant improvement when compared with the spectral response of silicon photocell pyranometers, while offering a comparable price. Thermopile pyranometers use a series of thermoelectric junctions (multiple junctions of two dissimilar metals following the thermocouple principle) to provide a signal of several µV/W/m2 proportional to the temperature difference between a black absorbing surface and a reference. The thermopile pyranometer’s black surface uniformly absorbs solar radiation across the solar spectrum.

The 0.2 W heater keeps water (liquid and frozen) off the sensor to minimize errors caused by dew, frost, rain, and snow blocking the radiation path. Dew and rain runoff is faciliated by the dome-shaped sensor head (diffuser and body). This keeps the sensor clean and minimizes errors caused by dust blocking the radiation path. The sensor is housed in a rugged anodize aluminum body, and the electronics are fully potted.

The CS320 pyranometer has sensor-specific calibration coefficients determined during the custom calibration process. Coefficients are programmed into the microcontrollers at the factory. The CS320 has an SDI-12 output (SDI-12 version 1.4), where short-wave radiation (W m-2) is returned in digital format. Measurement of the CS320 pyranometer requires a measurement device with SDI-12 functionality that includes the M or C command.


Calibration Uncertainty ± 5 %
Measurement Range 0 to 2000 W m-2 (net short-wave irradiance)
Measurement Repeatability < 1%
Long-Term Drift < 2% (per year)
Non-Linearity < 1%
Detector Type Blackbody thermopile
Detector Response Time 2 s
Field of View (FOV) 180°
Spectral Range 385 to 2105 nm (50% points)
Directional (Cosine) Response < ±20 W m-2 (at 80° solar zenith)
Temperature Response < 5% (from -15° to +45°C)
Output SDI-12 (version 1.4) 1200 bps
Zero Offset A 8 W m-2
Zero Offset B < 5 W m-2
Operating Environment -50° to +50°C (0 to 100% relative humidity)
Heater 0.2 W (on-board)
Heater Power Requirements 25 mA current drain (at 12 Vdc)
Input Voltage Requirements 6 to 24 Vdc
Current Drain
  • 5 mA (measurement)
  • 3 mA (standby)
Uncertainty in Daily Total < 5%
Error Due to Clouds ±2 %
Factory Calibrations Traceable to secondary standard blackbody thermopile pyranometers traceable to the world radiation reference in Davos, Switzerland.
Warranty 4 years against defects in materials and workmanship
Diameter 34.3 mm (1.35 in.)
Height 39.6 mm (1.56 in.)
Weight 64.9 g (2.29 oz) 
May vary due to potting.


Measurement of the CS320 pyranometer requires a measurement device with SDI-12 functionality that includes the M or C command, as an analog version of the CS320 is not offered. 

The CS320 is compatible with the following contemporary dataloggers: CR6; CR300; CR800; CR850; CR1000; CR3000




CS320 Digital Thermopile Pyranometer


CS320 Digital Thermopile Pyranometer


CS320 EU Declaration of Conformity


Data from a New, Low-Cost Thermopile Pyranometer Compare Well with High-End Pyranometers

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