Module CPU cho Datalogger CR9000X Campbell Scientific CR9032

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CR9032C R9000X CPU Module

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Module CPU cho Datalogger CR9000X Campbell Scientific CR9032


The CR9032 is a 32-bit CPU module that can replace the CR9031 module in an older CR9000 to upgrade it to a CR9000X. As the CPU module in a CR9000X Modular Measurement and Control System, it provides system control, data processing, and communications.

Benefits and Features

  • Upgrades older CR9000 systems to CR9000X standards

Detailed Description

The CR9032 is what differentiates the CR9000X-series dataloggers from the CR9000-series dataloggers, which used the CR9031 CPU Module. The CR9032 supports a measurement rate of up to 100,000 Hz, provides a 180 MHz clock speed, and adds a built-in RS-232 port, 10baseT/100baseT port, CS I/O port, and PC-card slot. The built-in ports enable communication without using the special interfaces (e.g., PLA100, TL925,  NL105) that were required for the retired CR9000-series dataloggers.

The PC-card slot allows the datalogger to store data on a Type I, Type II, or Type III PCMCIA card, or on a CompactFlash® card if an adapter is used. The CR9032 CPU Module may be ordered as a separate item to upgrade a CR9000-series datalogger to a CR9000X-series datalogger.



Additional specifications are listed in the CR9000X(C) Specifications Sheet.


180 MHz Hitachi SH-4


128 MB of internal SDRAM for program and data storage. Expanded data storage with PCMCIA type I, type II or type III cards or CompactFlash® cards with an adapter.

Serial Interfaces

RS-232 9-pin RS-232 DCE port for computer or modem. CS I/O 9-pin port for CSI peripherals and SDM devices.

Ethernet Interface

10baseT/100baseT port for communications over a local network or the Internet




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