Bộ thu thập và lưu trữ dữ liệu Datalogger truyền thông radio 2.4 GHz Campbell Scientific CR216X

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CR200X-Series Dataloggers / CR216X

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Bộ thu thập và lưu trữ dữ liệu Datalogger truyền thông radio 2.4 GHz Campbell Scientific CR216X 


The CR216X is a small, low-cost datalogger that includes an internal 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum radio for transmitting data to another CR216(X), an RF416 radio, or RF432 radios. The 2.4 GHz frequency can be used worldwide.

The CR216X provides stand-alone operation in harsh, remote environments. It reads input from one or two sensors, then transmits its data wirelessly via its internal radio. Multiple CR216Xs can be configured as a network, or units can be deployed individually.

Benefits and Features

Small, low-cost datalogger with internal spread spectrum radio for wireless communications

Integrated radio lets this datalogger function like a wireless sensor in a network, transmitting to a master datalogger

Ideal applications include wind energy, rural water, water level/flow, aquaculture, water quality

Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) protected inputs

Optimal for measuring one or two simple sensors

Makes SDI-12, single-ended analog, pulse, switch closure, and bridge measurements

Battery-backed clock that ensures accurate time is maintained while datalogger is disconnected from battery power

Program with LoggerNet, PC400, or Short Cut to fit your setup

PakBus, Modbus, and SDI-12 protocols supported

Detailed Description

The CR216X can be used in a wireless sensor network. Wireless sensor networks are appealing because they are often more economical than trenching, laying conduit, and pulling wire. When used as a wireless sensor, the CR216X measures the sensors attached to it, then transmits its data wirelessly via its spread-spectrum radio to a master datalogger. The master datalogger must use the PakBus communication protocol (e.g., CR800,CR850, CR1000, CR3000). For more information on how to configure a PakBus system, please read our PakBus Networking Guide.

The CR216X has several input channels for measuring a variety of sensors. Gas discharge tubes provide rugged electrostatic discharge protection for the inputs.

The CR216X does not make differential measurements and is not compatible with SDM devices, multiplexers, or thermocouples. (Refer to the Compatibility information on the web page for compatible sensors, peripherals, and software.) Recalibration services are not offered for the CR216X dataloggers.



Note: Additional specifications are listed in the CR200X-Series Specifications Sheet.

Internal Spread-Spectrum Radio Operating Frequency Range

2.450 to 2.482 GHz

Transmitter Power Output

50 mW

Maximum Scan Rate

1 Hz

Analog Channels

  • The single-ended analog inputs can also be used as control ports.

  • 5 single-ended (no differential) individually configured

Pulse Count Channels


Switched Excitation Channels

2 voltage

Digital Ports

  • Certain digital ports can be used to count switch closures.

  • 2 I/O

Communication Ports

1 RS-232

Switched Battery Port


Input Voltage Range

0 to 2500 mV

Analog Voltage Accuracy

±(0.25% of reading + (1.2 mV)x(offset)) at -40° to +50°C

Analog Voltage Resolution

0.6 mV

A/D Bits


Operating Temperature

-40° to +50°C

Power Requirements

7 to 16 Vdc

Typical Current Drain

  • ~0.2 mA (quiescent)

  • ~3 mA (active, no radio)

  • ~36 mA (active, radio receive)

  • ~75 mA (active, radio transmit)

Clock Accuracy

  • 8.2 min./month (@ -40° to +50°C)

  • 1 min./month (@ +25°C)

Protocols Supported

PakBus (leaf node only), SDI-12

CE Compliance Standards to which Conformity Is Declared



3 years


14.0 x 7.6 x 4.8 cm (5.5 x 3.0 x 1.9 in.)


271 g (9.5 oz)


Final Storage

512 kB of flash memory for approximately 125,000 data points

Operating System

106 kB of flash memory

Intermediate Storage

8 kB of SRAM for communication buffers, calculations, variables, etc.



CR200X-Series Dataloggers / Wireless Sensors

CR200X-Series Specifications


CR200/CR200X-series Dataloggers

PakBus Networking Guide

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