Màn hình bàn phím kết nối Datalogger CR1000/CR800/CR6 Campbell Scientific CR1000KD

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CR1000KD Keyboard/Display for the CR1000, CR800, or CR6

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Màn hình bàn phím kết nối Datalogger CR1000/CR800/CR6 Campbell Scientific CR1000KD


The CR1000KD is a portable keyboard and display screen for our CR1000, CR800, and CR6 dataloggers. It allows you to check the datalogger's status, display or plot sensor readings and stored values, and enter numeric data or change port/flag state. One CR1000KD may be carried from station to station in a datalogger network.

Benefits and Features

  • Can be easily moved from datalogger to datalogger

  • Supports custom menus and displays to simplify routine operations

Detailed Description

The CR1000KD displays 8 lines x 21 characters (64 x 128 pixels) and has a 16-character keyboard. The CR1000KD is powered by the datalogger’s power supply. An SC12 connects the CR1000KD to the CR1000WP or CR800; the two connectors on the SC12 allow attachment of additional peripherals. 

The CR1000KD supports custom menus. With custom menus, you can set up choices within the datalogger program that are initiated by a simple toggle or pick from a list in the menu displayed on the CR1000KD (for example, Initiate Sensor Calibration Sequence versus Bypass Sensor Calibration Sequence.)

There is not a CR1000KD Operator's Manual. Operation of the CR1000KD is described in the CR800 and CR1000 datalogger manual.


Operating Temperature Range

-25° to +50°C


10.2 x 15.2 x 1.5 cm (4.0 x 6.0 x 0.6 in.)


272 g (10 oz)

Current Drain




  • 7 mA (without backlight)

  • 100 mA (with backlight)



CR1000 Measurement and Control System

CR800 and CR850 Measurement and Control Systems

CR6 Measurement and Control System


CR1000KD EU Declaration of Conformity

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