Modem vệ tinh Iridium kết nối Datalogger Campbell Scientific COM9522B

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COM9522B Iridium Satellite Modem Interface

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Modem vệ tinh Iridium kết nối Datalogger Campbell Scientific COM9522B


The COM9522B interface provides a convenient way to connect an Iridium 9522B satellite transceiver to a computer or datalogger and to a power supply. When the COM9522B interface and Iridium 9522B satellite transceiver are combined, a datalogger is easily accessible over the global Iridium satellite network.

The COM9522B may be ordered individually or preferably as part of the IRIDIUM9522B Satellite Modem and Interface Kit.

Benefits and Features

  • Rugged enough for harsh environments

  • Low power - suitable for remote applications

  • Easiest and most reliable way to connect an Iridium 9522B to a datalogger or computer

Detailed Description

The COM9522B has an RS-232 port, power and control terminals, and a 26-pin connector. The COM9522B connects to the datalogger's RS-232, COM, or CS I/O port.

  • An RS-232 connection to a datalogger 9-pin serial port requires the 18663 null modem cable.

  • An RS-232 connection to a datalogger RS-232/CPI RJ45 port (as found on the CR6) requires the 31055 data cable.

  • A COM port connection requires the 17855 serial cable DB9 male to pigtail cable.

  • A CS I/O port connection requires the SC105 interface (preferred) or the SC932A interface.

LEDs on the COM9522B indicate the following:

  • Power On

  • Network Service

  • Modem Output

  • Modem Input


  • CE Compliant

  • Operating Voltage: 9 to 18 Vdc, 12 Vdc nominal

  • Current Drain

    • Quiescent: 20 μA (Off state)

    • Active: 32 mA (On state max)

  • Maximum Supply Current: 2500 mA

  • Communication Rate between Datalogger and COM9522B: 19200 bps

  • Operation: Full-duplex

  • Operating Temperature: -40° to +70°C

  • Control Input Voltage

    • Guaranteed Off: < 1.25 Vdc

    • Guaranteed On: > 3.24 Vdc

    • Maximum Voltage: 18 Vdc



IRIDIUM9522B Satellite Modem and Interface Kit


9522B Iridium Satellite Modem and COM9522B Interface Modem

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