CAN-2024C CANopen module of 4-channel 14-bit analog output module

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4 Channel 14-bit CANopen Slave Module with Current Output, Voltage Outputs, and Analog Outputs, supports operating temperatures from -25 ~ 75 ℃
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CAN-2024C CANopen module of 4-channel 14-bit analog output module



CAN-2024C is an analog output module based on the CANopen network. CANopen is one kind of network protocol based on the CAN bus which is mainly used for embedded network systems, like industrial machine control, vehicle control systems, factory automation, medical equipment control, remote data acquisition, environmental monitoring, and packaging machine control.

The CAN-2024C analog output module follows the CiA DS-301 version 4.02 and DSP-401 version 2.1. It is easy to access the analogue I/O status and set the configuration by using the standard CANopen protocol. The CAN-2024C analog output module has passed the validation of the CiA CANopen Conformance Test tool. Therefore, the provided EDS file is standard for any other standard CANopen masters. Owing to the 4-channel analog output and the CANopen masters of ICP DAS, you can quickly build a CANopen network to approach your requirements. For more information about the CANopen master interfaces and other CANopen products, please refer to the following web site.


CANopen Interface
Error Control
Node Guarding protocol or Heartbeat Consumer
No. of PDOs
10Rx , 10Tx
PDO Modes
Event Triggered, Remotely requested, Cyclic and acyclic SYNC
PDO Mapping
No. of SDOs
1 server, 0 client
Emergency Message
CANopen Version
DS-301 v4.02
Device Profile
DSP-401 v2.1
ISO 11898-2, CAN 2.0A
Baud Rate (bps)
Setting by Rotary Switch
10 k, 20 k, 50 k, 125 k, 250 k, 500 k, 800 k, and 1 M
Node ID 
Setting by Rotary Switch
1 ~ 99
Terminator Resistor
Switch of 120 Ω terminator resistor
5-pin screwed terminal block (CAN_GND, CAN_L, CAN_SHLD, CAN_H, CAN_V+)
EDS file
Analog Output
Output Channels
Output Type
0~ 5 V, +/- 5 V, 0~ 10 V, +/- 10 V, 0 ~ 20 mA, 4 ~ 20 mA
+/- 0.1 % of FSR for voltage output ; +/- 0.2 % of FSR for current output
Zero Drift
Voltage: +/-30μV/°C
Currect: +/-0.2μV/°C
Span Drift
Voltage Output Capability
Current Load Resistance
External +24 V : 1050 Ohms
Power-Up and Safe Value
Intra-module Isolation, Field to Logic
3000 VDC
CANopen Status
3 LEDs to PWR, RUN and ERR
Terminal Resister
1 LED to terminator resister indicators
Power Supply
Unregulated +10 ~ +30 VDC
Power Consumption
1.5 W
32.5 mm x 110 mm x 102 mm ( W x L x H ) Detail
ESD Protection
4 kV Contact for each channel
Operating Temp.
-25 ~ 75 ℃
Storage Temp.
-30 ~ 80 ℃
10 ~ 90% RH, non-condensing


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