Bộ chuyển đổi DeviceNet Slave sang DCON Master ICP DAS I-7241D

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DeviceNet / DCON Gateway. Supports operating temperatures between -25 to 75°C.

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Bộ chuyển đổi DeviceNet Slave sang DCON Master ICP DAS I-7241D


The I-7241D is a CAN bus product. The device offers the communication gateway between DeviceNet and DCON protocol. DCON protocol is the communication protocol of I-7K and I-87K series IO modules of ICP DAS. The I-7241D can be a DeviceNet slave device in CAN bus for the DeviceNet network. It is a Group 2 Only Slave device, and supports “Predefined Master/slave Connection Set”. We also provide the utility software for users to configure the device parameters and build the EDS file for the DeviceNet slave device. Users can easily apply I-7K and I-87K I/O modules in DeviceNet applications with the I-7241D.


  • Control Systems

  • Building Automation

  • Factory Automation

  • Distributed Data Acquisition



  • NMT: Slave

  • Supports Predefined Master/slave Connection Set

  • Dynamic Assembly Objects Mapping

  • Supports Offline Connection Set, Device Heartbeat message and Device Shutdown message

  • Provides Assembly object

  • Dynamicly Product EDS File

  • I/O operating modes: Polling, Bit-Strobe, Change of State/Cyclic

  • Support max 15 I-7K/I-87K IO modules

  • Provides friendly Utility forconfiguration

  • Baud Rate: 125Kb, 250Kb, 500Kb

  • On-line change baud rate and MAC ID of CAN

  • 7-segmemt LED to show operation mode, MAC ID, baud rate and error code


I-7241D Utility


  • Support auto-scan I-7K/I-87K modules

  • Auto-scan I-7k/I-87K modules connected with I-7241D COM Port

  • Show I-7k/I-87K modules configuration

  • Show Application and Assembly Objects configuration

  • Support IO connection path setting

  • Support EDS file creating 




80188, 40MHz  


512K bytes


512K bytes    


2K bytes (Can upto 128K bytes or change to 2K/8K FRAM)


31 bytes

 Real Time Clock

16 bit

 Watch Dog Timer

CPU Built-in




RS485: D2+, D2-

 Communication Speed

115200 max

 CAN Controller

Phillip SJA1000T CAN Controller

 CAN Transceiver

Phillip 82C250/251CAN Transceiver

 LED Directors



7-segment LED: 5digit


2500Vrms on CAN side

 Power Supply

3.9W unregulated +10VDC to +30Vdc

 Operating Temp

-25°C to 75°C

 Storage Temp

-30°C to 85°C


5 ~ 95%


133mm x 72mm x 33 mm


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