Module cầu điện trở 4 dây 350 Ohm Campbell Scientific 4WFBS350

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4WFBS350 350 Ohm, 4-Wire, Full-Bridge Terminal Input Module

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Module cầu điện trở 4 dây 350 Ohm Campbell Scientific 4WFBS350


The 4WFBS350 is a 4-wire, full-bridge module that provides completion resistors for a strain gage or other sensor that acts as a single variable resistor. This module should be used to measure sensors that have a 350 ohm nominal resistance.

Benefits and Features

  • Easy to install or remove

  • Connects directly into datalogger input terminals

  • Compatible with most Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

Detailed Description

The 4WFBS350 completes a full Wheatstone bridge. It can also be used to complete the back half of a Wheatstone bridge for use in a ¼ bridge strain circuit (one active element) using a dummy gage, or in a ½ bridge strain circuit (two active elements). The Wheatstone bridge circuit converts small changes in resistance to an output voltage that our dataloggers can measure.

The 4WFBS350 includes two external pins that allow customers to perform shunt calibrations, which are used to correct for sensitivity errors.

4-Wire Full Bridge Module Schematic 
(R4=350 Ω for the 4WFBS350)

4WFBS350-to-Sensor Hookup



1.5 x 1.5 x 2.7 cm (0.6 x 0.6 x 1.0 in.) for body with prongs


6 g (0.2 oz)

2:1 Resistive Divider

Back Plane Resistors

1 kΩ/1 kΩ

Ratio Tolerance

±0.01% (@ 25°C)

Maximum Ratio Temperature Coefficient

0.5 ppm/°C (-55° to +85°C)

Power Rating per Element

0.1 W (@ 70°C)

Completion Resistor (bulk metal foil)

Completion Resistor

350 Ω


±0.01% (@ 25°C)

Maximum Temperature Coefficient

0.8 ppm/°C

Power Rating

0.25 W (@ 70°C)



Terminal Input Modules (TIMs)


4WFBS120, 4WFBS350, 4WFBS1K 4 Wire Full Bridge Terminal Input Modules


Terminal Input Modules EU Declaration of Conformity

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