Bộ sạc ắc quy 12 VDC cho PS150 Campbell Scientific 29290

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29290 PS150 12 V Power Supply with Charging Regulator but without a Battery

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Bộ sạc ắc quy 12 VDC cho PS150 Campbell Scientific 29290


The 29290 is a 12 Vdc power supply that includes a charging regulator. Charging power for the 29290 is typically supplied by an unregulated solar panel, AC/AC transformer, or AC/DC converter. The 29290 provides charging with temperature compensation for optimal charging and battery life. A maximum power point tracking algorithm is incorporated for solar inputs to maximize available solar charging resources.

Benefits and Features

  • Protects against high-amperage and high-voltage damage to power supply

  • Battery reversal protection

  • Allows simultaneous connection of two charging sources (e.g., solar panel, ac wall charger)

  • ETL listed Class 2 power supply

Detailed Description

The 29290 is a micro-controller-based smart charger with temperature compensation that optimizes battery charging and increases the battery's life. Two input terminals enable simultaneous connection of two charging sources. They also incorporate a maximum power point tracking algorithm for solar inputs that maximizes available solar charging resources.

The 29290 has several safety features intended to protect the charging source, battery, charger, and load devices. Battery-reversal protection is included, as well as ESD and surge protection on all of the 29290 inputs and outputs.


Operational Temperature

-40° to +60°C (VRLA battery manufacturers state that “heat kills batteries” and recommend operating batteries at ≤ 50°C.)


19.3 x 7.6 x 10.6 cm (7.5 x 3 x 4.2 in.)

CHARGE - CHARGE Terminals (AC or DC Source)


18 to 24 V RMS (internally limited to 1.2 A RMS)


16 to 40 Vdc (internally limited to 1.2 Adc)

SOLAR Terminals (Solar Panel or Other DC Source)


Battery voltages below 8.7 V may result in < 3.0 A current limit because of fold-back current limit.

Input Voltage Range

15 to 40 Vdc

Maximum Charging Current

4 Adc typical (3.1 to 4.8 Adc depending on individual charger)

Quiescent Current

No Charge Source Present

160 μA at 13.7 Vdc

No Battery Connected

930 μA at 30 V input voltage (ac or dc)

Battery Charging

FLOAT Charging

Vbatt(T) = 13.65 - (24 mV) x (T - 25) + (0.24 mV) x (T - 25)2


±1% (on charging voltage over -40° to +60°C)

Power Out (+12 Terminals)


Unregulated 12 V from battery (4.65 A solid-state circuit breaker)


ETL Listed Class 2 power supply



PS150 and CH150 Power Supply and Charge Controller

Power Supply Overview


PS150/CH150 12 V Charging Regulators

Technical Papers

Power Supplies (5-F)


CH150/PS150 EU Declaration of Conformity

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