Cảm biến đo hướng gió và tốc độ gió Campbell Scientific 05108-L

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05108-L Wind Monitor-HD

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Cảm biến đo hướng gió và tốc độ gió Campbell Scientific 05108-L


The 05108-HD is designed for applications where sensor access is limited and conditions are rough. The HD is a lightweight, robust instrument that measures wind speed and direction. Manufactured by R. M. Young, this wind monitor is cabled for use with Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

Benefits and Features

  • Compatible with most Campbell Scientific dataloggers

  • Extremely long-wearing, corrosion-resistant, oversized ceramic bearings to increase service life many times longer than standard stainless-steel bearings

  • Oversized propeller shaft

  • High-pitch propeller

  • Locking propeller nut

  • Sealed, heavy-duty cable pigtail

  • Rugged enough for harsh environments

  • Constructed with thermoplastic material that resists corrosion from sea-air environments and atmospheric pollutants

  • Compatible with the LLAC4 4-channel Low Level AC Conversion Module, which increases the number of anemometers one datalogger can measure

  • Compatible with the CWS900-series interfaces, allowing it to be used in a wireless sensor network.

Detailed Description

The 05108 Wind Monitor-HD is made from rigid UV-stabilized thermoplastic with stainless steel and anodized aluminum fittings. The thermoplastic material resists corrosion from sea air environments and atmospheric pollutants.

To make it more durable, the HD uses extremely long-wearing, oversized ceramic bearings to increase service life many times longer than standard stainless-steel bearings. The wind monitor's ceramic bearings are resistant to corrosion in environments that are hostile to steel bearings, making the 05108-L suitable for marine applications. The HD also has an oversized propeller shaft, high-pitch propeller, locking propeller nut, and sealed, heavy-duty cable pigtail instead of the standard junction box—all features that further enhance the long-term reliability of the sensor.

The 05108 measures wind speed with a helicoid-shaped, four-blade propeller. Rotation of the propeller produces an ac sine wave that has a frequency directly proportional to wind speed. The ac signal is induced in a transducer coil by a six-pole magnet mounted on the propeller shaft. The coil resides on the non-rotating central portion of the main mounting assembly, eliminating the need for slip rings and brushes.

Wind direction is sensed by the orientation of the fuselage-shaped sensor body, which is connected to an internal potentiometer. The datalogger applies a known precision excitation voltage to the potentiometer element. The output is an analog voltage signal directly proportional to the azimuth angle.


Operating Temperature Range

-50° to +60°C (assuming non-riming conditions)

Mounting Pipe Description

  • 34 mm (1.34 in.) OD

  • Standard 1.0-in. IPS schedule 40

Main Housing Diameter

5 cm (2.0 in.)

Propeller Diameter

18 cm (7.1 in.)

Overall Height

37 cm (14.6 in.)

Overall Length

55 cm (21.7 in.)


1.0 kg (2.2 lb)

Wind Speed


0 to 100 m/s (0 to 224 mph)


±0.3 m/s (0.6 mph) or 1% of reading

Starting Threshold

1.0 m/s (2.2 mph)

Distance Constant

2.7 m (8.9 ft) 63% recovery


ac voltage (three pulses per revolution) 

90 Hz (1800 rpm) = 8.8 m/s (19.7 mph)


(0.0980 m s-1)/(scan rate in seconds) or (0.2192 mph)/(scan rate seconds)

Wind Direction

Mechanical Range

0 to 360°

Electrical Range

355° (5° open)



Starting Threshold

1.0 m/s (2.2 mph) at 10° displacement

Distance Constant

1.3 m (4.3 ft) 50% recovery

Damping Ratio


Damped Natural Wavelength

7.4 m (24.3 ft)

Undamped Natural Wavelength

7.2 m (23.6 ft)


  • Analog dc voltage from potentiometer (resistance 10 kohm)

  • Linearity is 0.25%.

  • Life expectancy is 50 million revolutions.


Power switched excitation voltage supplied by datalogger



05103, 05106, 05108, 05108-45, and 05305 Wind Monitors


05103, 05103-45, 05106, 05108, 05108-45, and 05305 Wind Monitors


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