Cảm biến đo gió Campbell Scientific 014A-L

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Cảm biến đo gió Campbell Scientific 014A-L

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Cảm biến đo gió Campbell Scientific 014A-L


The 014A, manufactured by Met One, is a three-cup anemometer that monitors wind speed for the range of 0 to 45 m/s with a threshold of 0.45 m/s. It connects directly to a Campbell Scientific datalogger, which measures the 014A's pulse signal and converts the signal to engineering units (mph, m/s, knots).

Benefits and Features

Ideal for applications that do not require wind direction measurements

Compatible with all Campbell Scientific dataloggers

Sealed magnetic reed switch

Designed for continuous, long term, unattended operation in adverse conditions

Standard aluminum cup assembly has a distance constant of less than 4.5 m

For greater sensitivity, an optional LEXAN cup assembly has a distance constant of less than 1.5 m

Detailed Description

The 014A is constructed of corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel and anodized aluminum. It's three-cup anemometer assembly contains a sealed magnetic reed switch. Rotation of the cupwheel produces a pulse that is directly proportional to wind speed.


Range 0 to 45 m/s (0 to 100 mph)
Starting Threshold 0.45 m/s (1.0 mph)
Accuracy 0.11 m/s (0.25 mph) or 1.5%
Contact Rating 10 mA (maximum)
Operating Temperature Range -50° to +70°C
Cable Description Quick-connect connector with vinyl jacketed, shielded cable
Distance Constant
  • < 4.5 m (15 ft) standard
  • < 1.5 m (5 ft) optional fast response
Radius 10.4 cm (4.1 in.)
Height 34.8 cm (13.7 in.)
Sensor Weight 318 g (11 oz)
Cable Weight 140 g (5 oz) per 3 m (10 ft) length



014A Wind Speed Sensor


014A Met One Wind Speed Sensor


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